Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We're gonna get the hang of this sooner or later... we're not the  best at this kind of thing. We're pretty flakey in general. It's a problem.
That being said, we've been insanely busy. Adam's got a LOT of potential awesomeness coming up. Nothing we can make mention of quite yet, but once we can we shall sing in the mountains!

We've been discussing potential video ideas. We're gonna have some great prank footage coming up, and we're hoping to start up our new live show within the next couple of months.

Oh hey also we watched Troll 2 the other day. It was my first time watching it and Adam's third. Can I just say...amazing? Probably some of the best :O faces ever. The script was incredible. Truly a delight to watch. Needless to say I felt cravings for some hardcore Xena action after watching that brilliant turd.

Haven't seen Troll 2? Well, now you have some homework.

Well I guess that's all I have to share for now...boring. I'll force Adam to post the next entry...his will be so much ZANIER!


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